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 * The contents of this file are subject to the vtiger CRM Public License Version 1.0
 * ("License"); You may not use this file except in compliance with the License
 * The Original Code is:  vtiger CRM Open Source
 * The Initial Developer of the Original Code is vtiger.
 * Portions created by vtiger are Copyright (C) vtiger.
 * All Rights Reserved.
/* Performance paramters can be configured to fine tune vtiger CRM runtime */
	// Enable log4php debugging only if requried 
	'LOG4PHP_DEBUG' => false,

	// Should the caller information be captured in SQL Logging?
	// It adds little overhead for performance but will be useful to debug

	// If database default charset is UTF-8, set this to true 
	// This avoids executing the SET NAMES SQL for each query!

	// Compute record change indication for each record shown on listview

	// Turn-off default sorting in ListView, could eat up time as data grows
	// Compute list view record count while loading listview everytime.
	// Recommended value false

	// Control DetailView Record Navigation

	// To control the Email Notifications being sent to the Owner
	'NOTIFY_OWNER_EMAILS' => true,		//By default it is set to true, if it is set to false, then notifications will not be sent
	// reduce number of ajax requests on home page, reduce this value if home page widget dont
	// show value.
	//take backup legacy style, whenever an admin user logs out.
	'LOGOUT_BACKUP' => true,